Hygiene Education

Hygiene and health education.

watercause hand washing schoolWe educate children in schools together with their teachers about best sanitation and hygiene practices that improve the health of learners in schools. Practices like hand washing bring about great improvement in the learners health.

Watercause focuses on such practices by demonstrating them to children so that they wash their hands in crucial times  like after using the toilet or before eating to avoid deadly yet preventable water related illnesses like diarrhoea and cholera. Research by UNICEF shows that regular hand washing can reduce the number of incidents of diarrhea, a disease which can be deadly for children, by around 50 percent. 

Girls are educated on how to manage menstrual hygiene and boys are also educated on how to help their fellow learners experiencing menstrual conditions. Teachers are trained to continuously help children to effectively use sanitary and hygiene infrastructure in these schools.